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AMP Price Prediction: The White Paper

AMP is a cryptocurrency that launched in September 2020. It doubled in value the following year, only to lose 75% after the cryptocurrency crash of 2022. The AMP token is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and its main purpose is to allow users to invest in various markets.

The platform practically allows users to protect and transfer their assets using one of the many available options. However, a single AMP token is currently worth $0.00495, with a steady decline over the past six months. If you are looking to invest in crypto with high profit potential, you should check out the newest meme coin, Tamadoge.

AMP Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

Let’s take a quick look at AMP Price Predictions for 2022 – 2025.

Year price prediction
2022 $0.097
2023 $0.11
2024 $0.14
2025 $0.17

The AMP platform has some unique features that set it apart from similar blockchain projects. It is designed to improve the speed of transactions, allow users to stake their tokens, and much more. It is a DeFi platform with a long list of financial services and is based on unique smart contracts.

The platform has state-of-the-art security and excellent reliability could help it grow in the new crypto environment. If the platform rises above the competition and attracts enough new users, AMP tokens could ultimately grow to $0.097. AMP should have an established platform by 2023, and the increased number of users will improve token utilization throughout the year. That could push the price of the token. as high as $0.11 by the end of 2023.

2024 could be a slow year for AMP as it will have more competition so the token could grow to just $0.14. The slow growth trend should extend into 2025 when AMP price predictions put it at $0.17. Therefore, although AMP is likely to enter a growth trend in 2023, it will not generate significant returns. If you want to invest your money in a project with 100x growth potential, the only real option this year is the newest meme coin: Tamadoge.

Tamadoge: The First Meme Coin With Utilization And Huge Growth Potential

There are hundreds of new cryptocurrencies in development right now, but none of them can compare to what Tamadoge has to offer. The newest meme coin hitting the markets in late 2022 will redefine the entire niche and raise the bar for all other similar coins including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and many others.

That is, Tamadoge is designed as a real digital asset rather than a joke. It is the first meme coin with excellent utilization and advanced. Blockchain features like a metaverse, built-in NFTs, play-to-win mechanics, and more. The entire project is the result of years of hard work and dedication, and all that effort is already yielding fantastic results, even though TAMA tokens are only available for pre-sale at the moment.

The platform’s native token, TAMA, is used to complete all transactions within the Tamaverse. Also, the tokens have a zero transaction fee protocol, which is rare in cryptocurrencies. In addition to excellent usability, Tamadoge also offers superior tokenomics. That is, DOGE, SHIB and many other meme coins have an unlimited supply of tokens. Combine that with poor token utilization, and it becomes clear why meme coins won’t grow anytime soon. On the other hand, Tamadoge has a total of 2 billion pre-mined tokens, with a decreasing supply, as 5% of all used coins will be burned in a month.

Lastly, Tamadoge already has a full KYC on CoinSniper and passed the Solid Proof audit with flying colors. That means it has an anti-mat mechanism, as well as state-of-the-art security. No matter how you look at it, Tamadoge is one of the best cryptocurrency projects we’ve seen in years.

>>>Latest news about Tamadoge<<

Tamaverse: a virtual reality based on digital pets

Now to get to the core of the project. Tamadoge is inspired by a popular handheld game from the early 90’s called Tamagotchi. Just like in the original game, your main goal is to take care of your digital pets and make sure they are healthy and happy until they grow up. You must come to the Tamaverse every day to feed your pets, or they might die and turn into Tamaghosts. Each pet functions as NFTs, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade them for TAMA tokens. The Tamapet NFT store will keep adding new pets with unique stats, skills, and characteristics.

In addition to using your pets to explore the world, you’ll also need them to compete in game challenges and levels. Once the augmented reality feature is activated in 2023, you will also have the opportunity to hang out with them in full AR mode. As you play and complete challenges, you earn Dogepoints, and the players with the most points at the end of the month will earn free TAMA tokens through a rewards system.

Tamadoge Vs. AMP: Which Has a Better Use Case?

The two cryptos are very different in their general use. Both have native tokens used as the platform’s only payment method. While AMP focuses on providing users with DeFI services, Tamadoge is a Play-to-Earn game that allows users to purchase in-game items and trade within the Tamaverse.

AMP is much more complex, but it is unlikely to gain enough users to drive the price of the token to previous all-time highs. On the other hand, Tamadoge is a fun platform game set in a vibrant universe, and anyone with a smartphone can play it. That gives TAMA tokens a lot more utilization. Simply put, the project will have millions more users than AMP, so we think TAMA tokens have a better use case. Not to mention, the official launch of the entire platform is still months away, so we are bound to get even more uses for TAMA tokens in the future.

Lastly, TAMA tokens are already hundreds of times more valuable than AMP. After the official launch and a few months of burning 5% TAMA tokens, they will be even more valuable. Some experts claim that TAMA tokens could lead to 100x profits with a bit of luck, but if it’s just 10, the benefits will be massive.

Conclusion: Tamadoge as the best investment option in 2022

In a world where most of the established cryptocurrencies are losing the battle, Tamadoge is just the beginning of a bright future. However, it is one of the most anticipated cryptocurrency projects in years and could become the biggest winner in 2022. Judging by the massive success of the TAMA token presale, big things await Tamadoge in the future.

>>>Latest news about Tamadoge<<


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