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Not even a tenth of marriages registered in Delhi in the last three years

A report from the revenue department has revealed that 56,918 marriages were registered out of the 62,811 applications that were filed in the last three years (from October 1, 2019 to August 31, 2022), reported The Indian Times. However, experts estimate that at least 500,000 ceremonies were held at this time.

Comparatively, between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018, 60,304 marriages were registered, while between January 1 and September 30, 2019, 19,254 marriages were registered.

According to a 2006 Supreme Court ruling, marriage registration is mandatory under the Delhi (Compulsory Registration of Marriage) Order, 2014.

According to experts, marriage registration was still considered a procedure for obtaining a certificate necessary for obtaining a visa and adding the names of spouses to passports.

While speaking to The Times of India about the reason for the lower number of registrations, Namita Roy, a Delhi-based lawyer, said that marriage under Hindu law is a ritual and its registration is compulsory under Section 8 of the Act. Hindu marriage. However, she further explained that in some communities, such as Muslims, who practice personal law, marriages are self-documented. She added: “The government has now made it stricter and started imposing a penalty if there is a delay beyond the stipulated time.”

According to data compiled by the revenue department, the Hindu Marriage Act accounted for the majority of the 56,918 registrations made in the last 35 months (32,943), followed by the Compulsory Marriage Order (19,809), the Anand Act (2,436) and the Special Marriage Law (1730).

Sikh marriages are registered under the Anand Act, while brides and grooms of other religions register their unions under the Special Marriage Act, in addition to judicial marriages. According to the sources, the Compulsory Marriage Order requires that the application be filed within 60 days of the marriage. These are chosen by couples who need to apply for spouse visas and travel abroad for work.

Couples can apply for marriage registration online on the district’s electronic portal or use home delivery services, officials said.

Between October 1, 2019 and August 31, 2022, the southwestern district (9,122) had the most registered marriages, followed by Shahdara (8,157) and northwestern (6,712). North East (918), New Delhi (3,437) and Central (3,616) districts had the fewest marriages.

In particular, in the North-West, New Delhi and West districts, there were no applications or registrations for weddings under the Compulsory Marriage Order.

According to Delhi-based lawyer Vrinda Kapoor, marriage registration is now required for many activities, such as applying for a passport and visa, changing the surname after marriage, and creating a joint bank account, among others.


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