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SEE: Charlie Kirk Warns Conservatives to ‘Stay Peaceful’ as Left Tries to ‘Stir Up’ Conflict Ahead of By-Election | human events

In an appearance Tuesday at foxnews“Ingraham Angle”, founder of Turning Point USA and human events Senior contributor Charlie Kirk shared his thoughts on the “outrageous” insults and accusations of “extremism” leveled at conservatives by Democrats ahead of the midterm elections, in an attempt to “provoke” Republicans to lose their intended advantage.

According to Kirk, the left is trying to provoke the right to provoke an extreme response that would favor Democrats as they seek to retain control of the US House and Senate this November.

“Charlie, the Democrats are out of ideas. I mean, their bag of tricks is spent,” host Laura Ingraham opened. “And now they are the ones who, with a wink and a nod, are inciting the activist class, pushing them towards violence. And yet they call the GOP the dangerous ones here.”

“That’s right, Laura… So look, they’re trying to provoke, I think, conservatives and Republicans, to do something we shouldn’t do and that’s not characteristic,” Kirk replied. “We have to remember, we have to stay peaceful in these next six weeks to the midterms, because the language that the Democrats are using almost seems to be trying to get Republicans and grassroots activists to say ‘I’m very angry, and I’m not going hold on longer.”

Kirk then called attention to the hypocrisy of the far left, juxtaposing recent examples of violence on their part with accusations of right-wing extremism from President Joe Biden, highlighting the tragic murder by Cayler Ellingsong, 18, about his Republican views.

“You see what happened in North Dakota, just a week and a half ago, where a 41-year-old man ran over an 18-year-old man because of political views, Kaler Ellingson, and we have to be speech by Joe Biden on domestic violent extremism. Meanwhile, more than 60 crisis pregnancy centers were terrified by Antifa and far-left groups.”

“If you look at some of the polls, and it happened gradually, and then suddenly over the last week, almost every single one of these Democratic Senate races is shifting in the direction of the Republicans — whether it’s Laxalt in Nevada, Walker in Georgia , Blake Masters in Arizona looks great, Pennsylvania and Ohio,” Kirk continued, listing some of the hottest contests in the upcoming election.

In the past week, new polls have shown former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt and NFL legend Herschel Walker taking the lead over Democratic incumbents in their respective races.

“You’re starting to see that the Democrats really act like it’s the last gasp of a dying regime. We have to remember that the more we focus on these issues, the more we organize ourselves, the more they will be threatened. … his language, I’m afraid, is only to become more outrageous now in the midterms,” Kirk added.

Ingraham then played a clip of liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson claiming that the GOP is seeking “revenge” and has become a “criminal” and “authoritarian” party.

“They don’t have a plan to govern and they have no interest, really, in governing. It’s all going to be about revenge,” Robinson said Tuesday. MSNBC interview.

“That’s what happened to the Republican Party. It is shocking. A shocking example of devolution to, you know, again, what is essentially a criminal court authoritarian organization.”

“What happened, Laura, is that they were speechless, honestly,” Kirk said in his reaction to Robinson’s outlandish comments.

“I mean, what else? [do they have] in addition to ‘despot’, ‘authoritarian’, [and] ‘dictator?’… They just keep repeating and recycling these words, and they’re accusing the Republicans of waging a revenge campaign, after, I don’t know, the 45th or 49th attempted impeachment of Donald Trump. with the January 6 committee?”

“Are we the ones doing the revenge campaign when they go after anyone in Trump’s orbit just because of the idea that they were associated with the president who wasn’t supposed to win in 2016?” he continued.

“Look, if that’s their message, good luck. I’m telling you, in the next six weeks, I think we’re going to see momentum like we’ve never seen before… They’re losing on every issue that voters care about. Their narrative is collapsing, and all they’re left with are these outrageous hyperbolic slurs that are failing with voters.”


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