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TamaDoge is ready for the OKX list

Finally came the day! TamaDoge is about to make his first appearance on OKX, a top-tier crypto exchange. The date is set for September 27th, and it will be the first listing of the newest meme coin on the markets. The official TamaDoge pre-sale was a huge success as the platform sold all 1 billion tokens months ahead of schedule.

TAMA token investors can claim their tokens four hours before the listing, allowing them to start exchanging their tokens for other cryptocurrencies at OKX CEX. Yes cannot complete the transaction on OKX, you can use OKX DEX listings as an alternative. Let us see what is happening with the most anticipated blockchain project of 2022 and why it became so popular.

Buy Tamadoge at OKX now

TamaDoge Announces IPO on OKX CEX/DEX

As mentioned above, TamaDoge was very successful pre-sale phase that ended months ahead of schedule, raising over $19 million. The supply of 1 billion TAMA tokens was sold, preventing new investors from depositing their money. However, the recent OKX Listing Ad will allow interested parties to exchange their cryptos for TAMA tokens.

TamaDoge is the first meme coin with actual token usage, for those who don’t know. Furthermore, the project has a deflationary token design, which means that 5% of all TAMA tokens used will be burned at the end of each month. 65% of the tokens used in a month will go into the prize pool and will be distributed among the TamaDoge players who earn the most Dogepoints. The game revolves around breeding, growing, and fighting NFT digital pets. The overall design and nature of the game has the potential to attract millions of players, making TamaDoge one of the most anticipated high-growth cryptocurrency launches in 2022.

According to experts, TamaDoge should see growth of at least 10 times by 2023, while some more optimistic predictions put it at 50 times. TamaDoge is the first meme coin of its kind, and once it goes live, it will raise the bar for all other tokens in the niche. That alone is enough to drive TAMA token prices higher, and the deflationary tokenomics should keep the trend going up going forward.

OKX is a centralized exchange (CEX), but it also has a decentralized exchange (DEX), aallowing users to exchange their tokens in either one. Newly registered OKX users will also have a chance to win a mystery box valued at $10,000. The OKX listing is the first official CEX/DEX list for TamaDoge, with many more to come in the following months.

Buy Tamadoge at OKX now

OKX: everything about cryptocurrencies in one place

OKX is one of the best and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges among beginner and veteran traders. It offers everything you might need to be successful in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to giving users access to CEX and DEX listingsOKX makes it easy to buy and sell crypto, earn high returns by staking tokens, get the latest news on the latest crypto launches, and improve your crypto trading skills and knowledge.

It is an excellent choice for TamaDoge and shows the potential of the platform. Remember that the OKX listing is just the first of many to arrive in the next month or two. That still gives you enough time to accumulate TAMA tokens before they explode, allowing you to earn high investment returns.

More about the Tama Doge Project

The TamaDoge project is the first meme coin with excellent token utility and a limited number of pre-mined tokens. Meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and others are known for their lack of utility, a feature that will not be able to survive in the new crypto environment.

TamaDoge designers knew very well where the cryptocurrency industry was heading, so they created a platform, in accordance with industry best practices, to ensure a stable place for the new cryptocurrency. The plan worked and TamaDoge became the most anticipated project in 2022. It has all the latest features, including a metaverse, built-in NFTs, great tokenomics and utilization, and play-to-win mechanics.

The game is loosely inspired by a popular handheld game from the 90s called Tamagotchi. As in the original title, players take on the role of digital pet trainers who must ensure that the pets are fed, healthy and happy every day.

Pets double as NFTs, allowing you to trade them with other players within the Tamaverse. All transactions require TAMA tokens, but players can also earn free tokens by completing challenges and winning battles. The project will add full augmented reality support in early 2023, making the game feel similar to Pokémon GO.

Get Tama tokens at the lowest price ever

If you missed the TAMA token presale, you can still get these tokens by exchanging them for another cryptocurrency. The tokens have already gained more than 500%, but since this is the first official listing, their current price is the lowest in the future. Visit OKX on September 27 at 12:00 BST and be one of the first users to exchange your tokens for TAMA on your CEX exchange. If you can’t complete the transaction, you can use OKX DEX listing as an alternative.

Buy Tamadoge at OKX now


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