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The tequila turkey fettuccini is among his favorites.

Guy Fieri’s taste buds are very experienced. So for the Food Network star to name a recipe one of her “all-time favorites,” it has to be good.

Fieri, whose sixth show on the Food Network, “Guy’s Ultimate Game Night” premiered August 31, tells USA TODAY that his Turkey tequila fettuccine it is a dish that he and his family love.

The recipe calls for turkey—”large slices of turkey,” it says, which can be interpreted as thick slices of turkey. But not many people are going to buy thick slices of turkey at the store, and thin slices won’t work because they’ll fall apart.

But there is another way to prepare the tequila-infused dish that Fieri, who has a brand of tequila with Sammy Hagar called Santo — he says it’s very good.


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