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TikTok officially launches its dislike button for comments

The comments section on any social media platform can be a cesspool, but on TikTok it’s especially hard to sift through all the useless and tasteless comments to find the real speech. Now the platform is making it easier to dictate which comments you see first by introducing a dislike feature.

The new Dislike button is the thumbs-down icon located to the right of the heart-shaped Like button next to each comment on a TikTok. In April, TikTok announced the feature and began testing it. Today (September 23) the dislike button for comments was rolled out globally.

The feature aims to create a community on the platform and “encourage a comments section for genuine and authentic interaction.” It’s an alternative to the report button, available by pressing a comment, for comments that don’t violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines but are still found by users to be “irrelevant or inappropriate.”

When you don’t like a comment, the thumbs down icon will turn black. However, unlike the Like button, the number of “Dislikes” a comment receives will not be displayed in an effort to “avoid creating ill feelings among community members or demoralizing creators.”

It’s unclear how useful the Dislike button will be considering users find a similar content curation tool on TikTok, also known as the “not interested” button, useless. Additionally, a new report from the Mozilla Foundation found that YouTube’s dislike button didn’t do much to improve the user experience either. Hopefully, the TikTok Dislike button is a more effective tool.


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